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Online Casinos can be Beaten

In a game against a player, an online casino risks its money. Each player can win and carry a decent amount of money. This applies to both real casinos and online casinos. On the other hand, playing fair to beat the casino is quite difficult. That is why we created our site.

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Online Casino Tips, Tricks & StrategiesHere you can test various strategies, tricks and methods of playing casino in the demo versions of games, for example, test tricks by playing free slot machines. Well, now we will try to tell you more about what can be done and what are the methods of cheating online casinos. More precisely, what online tricks casinos we know will sound.

Bonus Hunter Strategy

You’ve probably heard many times about who the bonnet hunters are. These are people who, using various bonus strategies, beat online casinos over a long gaming distance. The security service of any casino closely monitors those who are trying to use the bonus offers for other purposes. That is why the casino provides 100% on the first deposit only once. But once a bonus hunter said, why do I need one casino if I can use these bonuses in different ones. I’ll briefly talk about how this strategy works.

In order to take advantage of this strategy, you need to spend a lot of time. This is the only minus of this way of earning in an online casino. So, this time you will spend on creating a large number of accounts in different casinos. This is done so that in each of these casinos you can use the 100% bonus on your first deposit. After you have created at least 20-30 accounts in various casinos, you will make deposits everywhere with a 100% bonus. After that, start playing at the maximum allowed bet in all these online casinos. Believe me, in some of these casinos you can win big wins. These winnings are quite enough to return all your money spent on deposits and also earn.

This strategy is suitable for playing slots. If you have won large at the maximum allowed bet, then immediately reduce the size of the bet and continue to win back the wager. Considering the RTP of each of the modern slots, you won’t lose much and in the end you can earn money at such an online casino trick.

Other Tricks Online Casino in Slots

There are also some other strategies for defeating each slot separately. To do this, study in detail the pages of our site for each slot. For example, the Gonzo’s Quest slot always gives a big win in the third consecutive bonus game in one game session. Thus, you can win a lot in this bonus and after that you must go to another slot.

Slots tricks online casinos are quite common among experienced players who have long learned how to beat casinos. In order for you to succeed, you must adhere to several rules:

1. Carefully study the strategies and tricks that we write about. If you make at least one mistake, you can lose everything. We do not want this. We want you to constantly earn money at online casinos.

2. Always cultivate. If you notice any error in the operation of a slot or other gambling game, then study it in more detail and start making money on it. In the end, only those who made such a mistake will be to blame.

3. It often happens that the first time it does not work. Do not despair. Try again. Arrange all the actions in order and figure out where you made a mistake. Or write to us and we will help you.

Tricks Online Casino Using RTP

RTP is a very important parameter in the matter of winning online casinos and using various tricks. Always pay particular attention to this indicator. If it comes to slots, then the minimum RTP in order to use any trick online casino is at least 96.50%. No tricks work in slots with less RTP. If we are talking about roulette, blackjack and other gambling board games, then there is a slightly different strategy for how to beat them. For example, using the Martingale strategy.

Martingale Online Casino Tricks

Surely most of those who read this text now have heard about Martingale’s strategy. That’s right, Martingale is another online casino trick that helps players beat the casino. Another thing is that most of those who tried this strategy constantly make frequent mistakes and because of this they consider this strategy incorrect. This is not true. Now I will describe the main errors of this trick and you will understand everything.

The main mistake of those who were not able to earn money on the Martingale trick is that they initially laid the wrong and small starting balance there. You will always be doomed if your balance is insufficient. For example, using this strategy in a roulette game requires painstaking calculation. It is necessary to take into account the bet limits that the online casino sets, as well as the large balance. If the minimum bet is $ 1, then the balance for using this online casino trick must be at least $ 10,000


Quite often, players incorrectly apply one or another trick and therefore lose. On the pages of our site we are trying to describe each of these methods of cheating a casino in great detail. If you carefully study them, you can quite successfully apply these methods. I also remind you that on our site there are a huge number of free slots and games in which you can test any strategy and trick.