Play for Free or Real Money Astro Legends: Lyra And Erion Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Astro Legends: Lyra And Erion Slot

New from the manufacturer Microgaming in conjunction with the studio Foxium!

General information

The slot has non-standard pyramid-shaped reels containing 22 cells and has no lines.
All characters play from 5 or more pieces and must border each other in a certain order!

Normal game mode

In normal game mode, the following functions are present:

1. Wild symbol with a multiplier.

The Wild symbol replaces any symbols and can appear only in three specific cells, which are located in the shape of a triangle and have borders highlighted in red. The multiplier that the Wild symbol can be awarded can be from x2 to x5.
If the winning combination contains several Wild symbols with a multiplier, then all the multiplications obtained are added up.

2. Repeated rotations with the add mode.

If there is a winning combination on the reels that contains only the same symbols, then a second spin may randomly start.

During the repeated rotation, the symbols that activated the function will be fixed (including Wild symbols), and the same symbols will be added to the combination. This will continue until the same symbols appear on the reels or all cells are filled. After which we will award the final win, taking into account possible factors

3. Collection of Stardust collection.

A Stardust Cloud may randomly appear anywhere on the reels, which randomly awards 2 to 10 points.
The obtained points are accumulated in a special scale, which is located in the upper left part of the slot.

Points that turned out to be superfluous do not burn, but proceed to the subsequent collection.

Astro Legends: Lyra And Erion (No Download, No Signup) Bonus game mode

When you accumulate 100 Stardust points, the bonus game “Spirit of Lyra” is launched.

The bonus game is a choice of three tracks along which the main character of the slot will run, suddenly turned into a wolf!
The wolf, in turn, has 3 lives, and the bonus game has 7 possible levels.
Each level has prizes of various denominations – the higher the level, the higher the prizes!

Each time a player selects one and three tracks, the opponent of the wolf puts obstacles.
If a wolf stumbles upon one of them, one life burns out.

The bonus game ends when the wolf has no more lives or the bonus game is completed completely!

At the very end of the bonus game, all collected coins are summed up, and if the wolf has one or more lives after completing all levels, the player receives an additional prize of x20 from the bet!

Technical information

Game symbols: from 5 pieces

Maximum payout per spin: x15000 (whole Red Crystal character field with three Wild x5 characters)

RTP Slots: 96.63%

Release Date: 11/21/2018

Astro Legends: Lyra And Erion Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Astro Legends: Lyra And Erion Slot