Play for Free or Real Money Aztec Treasures Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Aztec Treasures Slot

Free Online Slot Machine Review

Aztec Treasures is a gaming slot of the well-known company BetSoft Gaming (BetSoft Gaming). The developers were inspired by the semi-mythical story of the ancient Aztec country, incredibly rich in gold and precious stones.

Five game reels are located against the backdrop of the rainforest, the entrance to the pyramid and burning torches. Using high-quality graphics, all the elements of the slot are drawn in detail. The presence of beautiful animation gives the feeling of watching a full movie. Of particular note is the soundtrack.

The singing of birds and the noise of the jungle against the backdrop of drumming creates a unique atmosphere. There are many acting characters, but the colorful leader of the tribe, which constantly appears on the screen, is especially different. He either knocks out gems from a golden amulet, or performs a victory dance right in the center of the screen, or throws a weapon of hunting and protection.

The unusual feature of the slot is the reassignment of the “wild” symbol, which the protagonist chooses when throwing a spear. The Aztec Treasures online slot has several bonus games and a jackpot, as well as an interesting Kiss me option. The animation clip starts at the moment when the leader is between two tribesmen. The option makes the machine even more interesting and perfectly decorates it.


The control panel of the slot has standard buttons:

  • “Select lines” – selection of lines;
  • “Bet one” – activation of a single payline;
  • “Spin” – spinning the reels;
  • “Max Bet Spin” – setting the maximum bet;
  • “Pays” – help, rules of the game, displaying a table with coefficients on the screen;
  • “CREDIT” – current balance.

To the left of the reels is a plate showing the face value of the coins. At the touch of a button, you can raise your bid to the desired level. The game has the ability to turn off the sound, which is not recommended. On the right is a payout table with interesting information for the user.

Casino Game – Symbols

All symbols of the slot are perfectly drawn and animated:

  • portrait of the leader – the main and most expensive picture. A combination of 3, 4, and 5 characters brings, respectively, 500, 1000 and 1500 credits,
  • 2 women of the tribe – bring with the same combination 300, 600 and 1000 credits each,
  • leopard – estimated at 250, 500, 750,
  •  pyramid – brings 150, 300, 450,
  • green stone – 125, 250, 375,
  • red stone – 100, 200, 300,
  • golden cup – brings 15, 150, 225,
  • the spear is the determinant of a “wild” symbol.

Game In The Aztec Treasures Slot Machine No Sign Up And Download

Aztec Treasures gaming slot is practically no different from other BetSoft Gaming emulators. The process is intuitive and simple. Choose a bet from two cents to one dollar and the number of pay lines, which are thirty in the machine. Use the SPIN button to start the rotation of the coils and wait for the winning combinations to fall out.

This alignment will satisfy both thrifty gamers and risk takers. You can bet a maximum of five coins on one line. If the top rate of the coin is 1 dollar, then the maximum jackpot will be 150 dollars, and this is a lot. Cautious gamblers also do not fail, in any case, they will enjoy the excitement of the game.

Bonus Games

Aztec Treasures offers two main bonus games:

  • Aztec Treasures bonus – when a combination of three symbols of precious stones falls out, the gamer moves to the Aztec temple. Behind one of the doors is a precious prize that must be found;
  • Love Hut bonus – three Aztec huts that appeared on the playing field, regardless of location on the reels, open this bonus round. With the help of the offerings to the girls, it is necessary to help the leader impress them. If your gift is liked, then a happy hero will make you rich.

Two Aditional Bonus Games

  • Free Spins – Free Spins. Three images of the green salamander will give you new and new spins, bringing prize combinations of different symbols;
  • Click-Me bonus – activated by three or more symbols of the famous Aztec calendar. 20,000 credits – such an “adult” gain can be brought by this bonus game.

A separate combination of pictures (the leader between the two girls) can also make you happy. After a kiss, the enchanted leader is immobilized for two spins, during which there is a chance to make good money. The game function is called “Kiss me”.


When five pictures of the leader appear on the reels, you get a solid jackpot of 1,500 bets. The second largest payout brings four characters of the protagonist or five pictures of the girl.

Aztec Treasures Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Aztec Treasures Slot