Play for Free or Real Money Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker Slot


The Net Entertainment brand, recognized as a manufacturer of quality gaming machine software, offers a line of online video poker players. These games are developed based on the rules of real poker: the player in front of the screen also seeks a winning card combination, like the player at the poker table. Unlike real poker, in video poker there is no way to compare the resulting combinations with the opponent’s combinations. The result of the distribution of cards is clarified in comparison with the pay table.

Video poker online general description

Similar to real poker, its online version also works. After moving to an online casino, video pokers retained their classic appeal, dynamics and added the ability to play anywhere plus anytime.

Deuces Wild is one of the NetEnt video poker players that combines the above qualities. The peculiarity of the game is the presence of two jokers who gave the name to the game (“Wild Twos”). This feature significantly increases the winning and gambling appeal of Deuces Wild. A definite plus is the ability to play 1/5/10/25 hands.
Deuces Wild is a video poker option that offers players classic poker, super games, seductive wins and dynamics in one bottle.

Design Description

The design of online poker combines the characteristics of a real video poker and slot. Compared to other versions of the Net Entertainment brand video poker, the Deuces Wild interface is less conservative. It looks decent graphics and animation effects.
The discreet colors of the playing field give the game discreet intelligence. There are no decorative elements on the screen. Only buttons, made in green, stand out on a gray-black-beige palette. Minimalism in the design is justified: all the player’s attention is concentrated on the tables of card combinations and the gameplay.

Even if before that the player preferred gaming slots, he will easily understand the rules of poker after a quick examination of the information on the screen. The presence of two table options (left and center) with poker combinations allows the player to constantly keep his finger on the pulse of the game. If the multi-hand option is selected, playing lines of cards appear in place of the central table with detailed indicators. And the information is read from the left table, which shows the odds for the minimum bid.
Below the table are five cells for the distribution of cards with replacement buttons. Until the cards lay down, the manufacturer’s logo is placed here.

At the bottom of the screen are game control buttons. With their help, you can select the denomination of coins (COIN VALUE: 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 / 1/2/5/10), determine one of five bet options (BET / MAX BET), choose the type of game depending by the number of hands (HANDS). The largest button starts the first and re-distribution of cards. Video poker control is clear and convenient.

Game Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker No download, no signup

Poker fans know the game by heart. For beginners, the information in the tables will be of help. The main objective of the game is to collect cards in a winning combination. Five out of 52 cards should form a poker hand. A feature of Deuces Wild is the presence of wild twos that can replace any card in combinations. Therefore, standard poker combinations have some nuances here. In total, 9 combinations are counted (coefficients for the maximum bet are indicated):

The game has several versions: you can give out cards for ten / twenty five / fifty hands. The probability of winning in this case increases, but you will have to bet more.

Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker summary

Net Entertainment brand Deuces Wild video poker has successfully combined classic poker rules and combinations, modern graphics and animation, various options that increase the payout attractiveness of video poker. Choosing Deuces Wild, the player will have the opportunity to spend time recklessly, put in his account the won amount and make sure of his own quick wits and pragmatism, because poker is, first of all, a strategy and skillful calculation.

Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker Slot