Play for Free or Real Money Dragon Island Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Dragon Island Slot

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Surely at least once in a lifetime, any person heard legends about dragons. These powerful creatures are comparable to dinosaurs in their strength and size, but apart from the ability to fly, they, judging by the legends, had a terrifying ability to breathe fire, spewing fire at their opponents.

Some legends say that these animals lived on a separate island, where they huddled together. This island was separated from the rest of the land by a huge distance, on it were impassable forests and huge active volcanoes, constantly spewing their lava.

How To Start The Game No Sign Up And Download

Slot machine Dragon Island is decorated very brightly and attractively. In the background of the game, the alleged dragon island is depicted, and the field of the game with the reels looks transparent, where the cells of the reels are separated from each other by tree trunks growing from the water.

Dragon Island Online Slot Symbols

On the reels themselves, the player will encounter a wide variety of characters that are directly related to the topic, the game that was chosen by the developers. Various dragons, volcanoes and card symbols flicker on the reels. All these symbols of the game bring wins, but not the same.

Dragon Island is endowed with many special features that make it very attractive in the modern world of the gaming industry. A striking example of the great fantasy of the authors of the Dragon Island slot is the presence of the win both ways function.

She adds a golden dragon to the game, which serves as a wild symbol in it, but in addition to replacing the symbols with itself, it can multiply the results of its replacement up to 8 times.

Also, this function was displayed on the bonus game, which is launched by scatters. This function can be turned on or off using the button located on the control panel.

Casino Game – Feature

Another feature that will appeal to even the most demanding players is that with the win both ways function active, the player can collect victory points both from left to right and in the opposite direction.

But this function also requires some costs, therefore, with the active function, the player’s costs for each spin double. But, despite this, this function has a lot of advantages, for which an experienced player probably will not skimp on bets.

Bonus Symbols

The game also has a regular wild that looks like a green dragon. It replaces many symbols, except for the golden dragon and scatter. A scatter is a volcano that can fall on any reel and absolutely does not limit the player to paylines. When falling out of three scatters, the player receives not only a pleasant surprise from the game coins, but also the opportunity to try his luck in the bonus round with free spins.

If the player launched the win both ways function at the moment of opening the bonus window, then every time a free spin appears on any of the reels, a wild symbol located along the entire reel will appear. If such a function was disabled in the Dragon Island slot, then there will be no solid wild symbol at the time of the round bonus and a gamer.

Also, a slot can provide a player with the ability to spin game reels automatically. When you click on the appropriate button on the game control panel, the gamer will provide a choice for the number of spins in automatic scrolling the player would like to receive.

Finding himself on the island of dragons and having tested on himself all the generosities of the Dragon Island slot, the gamer will feel as if he were among the dragons who are happy to share their gold and trophies with him. Beautiful graphics, unobtrusive music and pleasant surprises in the technical aspect of the game will leave the player with a storm of positive emotions.

Dragon Island Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Dragon Island Slot