eCOGRA Changes Owners: Good News for Online Casino Players

The leading online gaming player protection and auditing group eCOGRA has recently undergone a change in ownership and has become a much more independent entity. eCOGRA is in charge of protecting online casino players and oversees the testing of the integrity of the software programs used by most online casinos. Founded back in 2003 by three different online gaming giants, eCOGRA has provided an invaluable service to online casino gamblers for the last decade in hopes of keeping games safe and fair.

Independence of eCOGRA

Although eCOGRA was indeed founded and owned by three major online gaming companies, this group has always claimed independence in their audits and granting of approvals of all online gambling establishments including casinos and poker rooms. However, there has always been doubts in regard to the full independence from the founders. These doubts have ultimately generated questions regarding their integrity and the impartial treatment of all parties involved including online casinos and players. However, now that eCOGRA has been bought out by its management, the group hoped that this successful initiative led by chief executive Andrew Beveridge will bring better things for all.

Possible Future of eCOGRA

Even though there has been a  change in ownership it does not mean that the organization will still be in the hands of executives in the online casino industry and there are other specific rules that are been written regarding future potential conflicts of interest Among those rules eCOGRA’s owners are no longer allowed to be “software providers, online casino operators or others players in the online gaming arena.” eCOGRA’s staff of technical experts and responsible gambling and audit specialists has placed the organization in a position of being able to offer premium Internet gambling business services and news release adds that clears that the group “enjoys business relationships with major trade associations and several international licensing jurisdictions”.