Play for Free or Real Money Emoji Planet Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Emoji Planet Slot

NetEnt decided to keep up with its competitors, including the launch of a video slot dedicated to emoji – emoticons, without which communication on the Internet cannot be imagined. The developer went further and made the new game non-standard and different from the usual slot machines.

Slot Machines Emoji Planet No Sign Up And Download

Winning images are formed on the field with 5 rows and 6 reels. To collect a combination to win, you will need at least five identical symbols. They should appear only at right angles in the vertical and horizontal direction.

When the winning combination has developed, the next pair of symbols is issued to the online casino gambler. Cards do not replace others, but fall into place of disappeared images. The coefficient grows with each move. The more wins a player collects in a row, the higher the final multiplier.

Casino Game – Symbols

A set of cards is built on trending emoticons. The exception is six custom images. The first is an asterisk, which received the wild option and is able to replace any other images.

For five other options, scales are automatically organized in the machine. Once the scale is full, the Emoji Planet gambler can count on wins:

  • The bomb symbol in the slot machine will explode eight cells. Others fall in their place: there is a high probability that several winning combinations will develop at once.
  • A pizza card covers half of the game screen. This is a 3×3 square type symbol. Pizza closes the random area and changes all the cells in it to the same cards. The multiplier depends on the type of symbols; you can find out about what in the internal paytable.
  • A kiss smile appears randomly in any three cells. The characters in them are replaced with a wild card. Three wilds are already half the winning combination and the opportunity to catch a similar one in the next round.
  • Almost also a rocket. The symbol clears the space vertically, where two to five wilds can fall and make a win right away.
  • The double heart symbol gives the base factor twice. However, if you fill the symbol scale again in one round, the winning ratio will increase.

NetEnt abandoned the classic scheme with free spins and gave almost every character unique properties, which gave the gamblers an automatic machine with unpredictable gameplay.

This time, NetEnt decided to abandon, including three-dimensional graphics and visualization. The new slot turned out casual and minimalistic, which only adds to the interest and informality. It is difficult to predict the appearance of symbols and orient yourself when activating several bonuses at once.

Emoji Planet Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Emoji Planet Slot