Play for Free or Real Money Fire And Steel Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Fire And Steel Slot

On the screen, users are greeted by the heroes of the slot. Left and right of the playing field depicts a warrior and his partner. Their steel armor, warlike appearance, daggers and swords in their hands leave no chance for fire-breathing dragons, pictured in the background.

Description Of The Slot Machine Fire And Steel No Sign Up And Download

On a gray background, bright symbols of the machine look great. But the player will receive the strongest impressions during the win: the symbols as if illuminated by lightning. A fire running along the line and along the contours gives out a prize combination. And in moments of major wins, the heroes come to life, issuing a victorious exclamation.

The animated effects associated with the appearance of wild characters also look powerful. Animations combined with 3D-design in Fire and Steel guarantee the user a super-spectacle on the screen. The musical accompaniment of the game is sustained in the same mood that dominates the screen. The game looks and sounds majestic and heroic pathos.

Game In The Slot Machine Fire And Steel

Before starting the spins in the game, a bet is formed. To do this, using the Choose Coins button, the user must set the face value, and then using the Bet per Line button determine the number of credits on the line. You can not adjust the bid, but in one click specify its maximum size – the Max Bet button serves for this.

The Spin / Stop / Skip button is responsible for 3 operations – the beginning of spins, the end of a round, skipping animation. The Double Up next to it is highlighted after each winning spin. This means that it is active and with its help you can enter the risk game.

The next button on the panel is Auto Play. After clicking on it, the field with the settings for auto-rotation opens. You can once again adjust the rate and indicate the number of autospins. There are different suggested correction methods: you can directly click on a number, or you can move along the notation scale – it’s convenient for anyone.

Information necessary for the user about the rules of the game is opened from the button on which the question mark is displayed. The button is active continuously. The gameplay can be started with it, having become acquainted with the properties of the machine. The section is also useful at any time in the game if a player has questions.

How To Play a Slot Machine

The machine has 5 reels and 20 pay lines – this design is common. But the ratio of the cells on the reels in Fire and Steel is thought out in an original way. In the extreme reels – 3 symbols, in the subsequent ones – 4 symbols. There are 5 images on the central drum. 3-5 identical characters that appear on the line bring a win. Such a combination can begin both on the left drum and on the right. This rule significantly affects the winning model.

Affect the winning and properties of wild symbols. There are 3 of them: the inscription WILD, an image of a warrior and his partner. Each wild symbol is able to replace basic images in incomplete combinations and turn them into prize ones. Wilds themselves can also form winning combinations. A pair of warrior-girls are active in bonus options.

Each win opens access to a risk game, where it will act as a bet. On an additional screen, it is proposed, having guessed the heads-tails, to double the entire amount wagered or half. The right choice allows you to continue the game for doubling, and the wrong one closes it and deprives the player of the amount at stake.

Casino Game – Bonuses

In addition to the risk game, you can get a special win by getting the right to bonus options. Options are launched after portraits-wilds appear on the screen. A warrior, appearing on the playing field, activates a magic ray above himself, upon the blow of which all the characters he meets also become wilds.

The warrior girl also launches a beam. Its action is directed left-right of the wild. Symbols in this direction also turn into wilds.

The situation when both portraits of the wild fall simultaneously and the rays emitted by them intersect puts the game in 10 free spins mode. During the rotations at the intersection of the rays, the wild symbol that appeared there does not rotate, it freezes in the cell. The remaining characters change, forming a winning combination with the wild.

Fire And Steel Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Fire And Steel Slot