Free Online Flea Market Fun

Sometimes I just feel like sitting down in front of my computer and playing a classic hassle-free online slot. I’m not in the mood for complicated visuals or story lines. I don’t even feel like having to think about the payout combinations with 20 different paylines. All I want to do is hit the spin button and watch the minutes go by. Classic three reel slots are simple since everything you need to know about the game is right there, on the same screen. The symbols, the payout, the reels and whatever special features the slot may offer.

Best Classic Slots

One of the best classic three reel slots I like playing is called Flea Market. This 3 reel slot game has  1 payline and the theme is of a series of small fleas in a, you guessed it, flea market. What they’re doing here is uncertain but they keep the game simple just how I like it. However, as simple as it is the graphics and icons are well crafted and fit really well with the game. The coin size for betting in Flea Market stands at $0.05 and up to $5.00. Players are allowed to wager up to 2 coins per spin with a maximum bet of $10. I always prefer playing maximum amount because it highly increases my chances of winning. If you decided to play with max coins here you could win up to 10, 000 coins at a time.


This jackpot is made possible because Flea Market does offer a wild symbol. In this case the wild is the ring symbol. Being the wild symbol in the game means that whenever it appears it will substitute for all other symbols on the reel to complete a winning combination. If you happen to land three of these you could score the $10, 000 prize.