Play for Free or Real Money Gold Diggers Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Gold Diggers Slot


Free Online Slot Machine Review

Since time immemorial, this magic metal has been of particular importance to humans. In search of gold for the sake of ghostly wealth, people deceived, betrayed and even killed each other. Finding gold is a risky but worthwhile activity. The Gold Diggers slot machine offers you a unique opportunity to travel back to the 19th century in the era of the gold rush that swept the whole world.

You will become one of the many thousands of adventure lovers who decide to try their luck in the hope of becoming fabulously rich. You can observe the titanic labor of the miners online and control the process of gold mining online.

How much gold will be mined by you and your partners will directly depend on your intuition. Gold Diggers slot emulator allows you to plunge into the dashing and mysterious times of the heyday of gold mining.

Graphics And Sound Online Slots

A great pleasure during the game is delivered by excellent graphics and high-quality sound. The creators did their best, carefully drawing the background, elements and characters. That is why Gold Diggers is so popular among fans of 3D-slots.

Colorful three-dimensional images of gold diggers are completely immersed in the gaming environment. Complementing the effect of the music of the American Gold Rush. If you are lucky enough to break a big jackpot, then, in joys, the girl with the men will sing for you and they will dance a funny dance.

Gold Diggers Slot Machine Game No Sign Up And Download

You will play the role of reckless miner by managing a small but colorful team of gold miners. Three heroes will help you in gold mining, each of which has an inherent character and appearance:

  • spectacular young blonde with big eyes;
  • good-natured, ingenuous boy;
  • the miner who has seen life, who is also the father of an eccentric guy.

This motley company will do its utmost to help you in your search for gold dust and a comfortable life. It is noteworthy that only your heroes will risk their health and even life in a deep mine.

You only need to manage their gold mining activities online, making it completely free. You can even participate in fabulous enrichment without registration.

The heroes of the Gold Diggers slot machine work with different efficiencies. The cunning blonde constantly evades from work, so the least sense from her. The eccentric guy is diligent and honest, so he brings you more gold. The main income in the game will come from an old experienced miner.

Casino Game – Symbols

In addition to the heroes, the gaming machine is saturated with many colorful characters that are characteristic of underground excavations of the gold rush time. This is a pickaxe, dynamite, beaver, leaflet with an announcement. All these symbols have different denominations and bring you one or another amount of gold.

Rules And Bonuses

Your task in the slot machine will be to collect several identical symbols on one line. Pictures are located on 5 reels. You have the ability to set up to 30 paylines.

If next to the winning combination is a picture of dynamite, then it will explode, bringing down the upper symbols to the lower. In this case, you can get even more gold.

Overwhelming success will come to you when 3 leaflets-announcements fall out next to each other. You will be taken to a bonus game. The ads will be read by workers at other mines and come to your aid to help you become rich and famous.

Gold Diggers Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Gold Diggers Slot