Play for Free or Real Money Great 88 Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Great 88 Slot

Free Online Slot Machine Review

Developers from BetSoft Corporation are known for the fact that they like to really focus on the visual presentation of their own product. This can be seen in the graphics of the Great 88 slot machine, because the interface is made in a three-dimensional picture that looks extremely realistic.

The background of the presented video slot is designed as a surprisingly beautiful night landscape of the garden, in which sakura still blooms and water lilies float in the pond. Stone steps from the garden lead to the house, where light is lit in the windows, and its inhabitants will probably have a tea ceremony. All this beauty is served in lilac and lilac shades, which simply captivate the eye with numerous graphic details and quality of visualization.

In addition to excellent graphics, Great 88 has a pleasant soundtrack, making everything that happens on the screen even more realistic and holistic. The main part of the space on the main screen of the gaming machine is, of course, occupied by five reels. It is the coils that form the main field of action, where scrolling will be carried out.

Great 88 – Description

Each of the reels has three positions, and in total, a position on field 15. In addition to the reels, there are three dozen pay lines, which are in a state of constant activity. Above the field with reels, you can see a beautiful stylized game logo, decorated with a thematic font. In the opposite part of the screen is a panel with all the necessary buttons that are responsible for setting up a particular slot parameter.

Near each key there is an informative field where the set value of the setting is displayed. In addition to the control buttons on the panel, there is a button that allows access to pay tables and a description of bonus functions. Each action on the playing field is accompanied by animated effects, which, of course, is added to the game’s dynamism.

The Game In The Great 88 Slot Machine No Sign Up And Download

The Great 88 slot machine has standard functions and settings, so that acquaintance with this wonderful slot is very fast. Since the linear indicator in this case is not amenable to control by the player, the latter can only adjust the bet.

You can do this with a few buttons: choose coin – responsible for the denomination of coins, bet level – sets the number of coins per line, bet max – determines the maximum bet per spin. The combination is counted when the same symbols in it start from the leftmost reel and advance along the line continuously.

Casino Game – Bonuses

The game Great 88 has several bonus levels, the nature of which is determined by scatters. Top Symbols is a bonus, which implies the presence of several additional images with very high payout ratios. Such a mini-game can please the user with very large prizes. Instant Win – a level in which the amount of reward depends on the number of bronze coins.

The maximum prize at the moment of this level can reach a fifteen-fold increase in the current rate. Firecracker Wilds – provides the appearance on the playing field of several additional wild wilds. Jade Coins is the level at which jade coins can trigger a number of free spins. Golden Dumpling is the most promising bonus, as it represents the rotation of the wheel of fortune.

The player has three attempts, during which he can get free spins or colossal win multipliers. In addition to bonus levels, the Great 88 game has a risk round, the rules of which resemble the game of heads and tails. Having guessed which side the coin will drop out, you can get the prize multiplication from the last scroll in standard mode.

Great 88 Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Great 88 Slot