Play for Free or Real Money Secret Code Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Secret Code Slot

Free Online Slot Machine Review

Dan Brown once wrote a bestseller, which became a real hit, and aroused a wave of excitement. Several films were shot based on the work. And the plot is familiar to many gamblers. It will be about the legendary Da Vinci Code, which hundreds, thousands of people tried to solve. Many scholars and historians have devoted a lifetime to this issue.

One of the reasons why history is so popular is the discrepancy with the centuries-old canons of society. This situation served as an impetus for the screen version of the book to be banned in several countries. In order to continue the development of history, Net Entertainment created a Secret Code slot machine about a secret code, which anyone who wants to can try to figure out.

Features Of Secret Code Slot Machine No Sign Up And Download

The visual style of the game completely conveys the author’s idea, because the entire screen space is designed according to the book. Stone columns and arches give the impression of presence and add atmosphere to what is happening. The visualization is reinforced by the musical arrangement, which complements the plot in the best way.

The color palette of the game contains warm muted colors, which adjusts to a calm and measured game. The field consists of five reels, on the sides of which twenty indicators of the same number of available lines are placed. Thanks to these indicators, you can trace the markings of any of the lines, and understand in which direction the prize combination should be formed.

Casino Game – Symbols

Game symbols are presented exclusively in the form of thematic characters. Here you can observe mysterious signs, manuscripts, hourglass and so on. According to the classical rules, each game symbol has individual odds for payouts and certain functions.

The latter are not all symbols, but only a few. One of the special characters is the wild wild, presented as a priest. It is tied to the second and fourth reels, and is able to strike nearby characters. It also replaces those elements that interfere with the formation of winnings on the reels.

The action of the wild symbol is not relevant only for the bonus sign and the scatter sign. The scatter is a coat of arms. This element plays differently and can open access to free spins, the number of which directly depends on the number of duplicated scatters falling out in one spin.

Bonus game

The mysterious bonus level is activated by a picture with a mysterious lock and key. In order to get an additional opportunity to win, a player must collect one bonus on the second and fifth reels, after which a fascinating round awaits the player.

The prize level is activated in a separate window, and in front of the user there will be five magnificent statues, in their hands which will have one casket. Having five keys on hand, the player will be able to start opening the caskets in any order.

After the opening of the next casket, the mask, behind which the face of the statue is hidden, will crack, demonstrating the size of the prize. The bonus level will end when instead of winning the max, there will be a demon. In any case, this level does not require the user to place bets and is a win-win.

Due to the fact that the story shown in the game is famous for its popularity and distribution, the slot attracts a fairly wide audience of users. The plot dynamics was achieved thanks to various additions in the form of special characters and a bonus round, as well as due to high-quality visual and sound effects. The game is very simple, but incredibly productive.

Secret Code Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Secret Code Slot