Top 2010 Online Casino Slots

There have been many games released in 2010. Online casinos release new games often to keep their repertoire fresh and attractive to older players. One of the most productive casino game producers, especially in the field of slot machines, is Rival-Gaming. This Curacao based company has proposed to release one new slot machine every month of the current year. Considering all the hard work involved in creating a new game, form designing to structural aspects of the paytable and bonus features, it is quite an accomplishment.

Here will we review a few of the games released this year, the most prominent ones:

Global cup soccer

This was released prior to the setting off of the World Cup in South Africa. It is a 3-reel slot with simple but delightful design. Aimed at sport fans, especially to Americans that have yet to discover the passion of soccer.

All aboard

This is a video slot that was released in the month of July 2010. As a video slot it has 5-reel full of colorful characters. It has a railway-train theme and appeals to players of any generation. This slot offers free spins, bonus rounds and has a wild symbol that multiplies all wins by two.

Best of Luck

Best of Luck is an good luck-themed video slot. It has a dark purple color and has all the lucky charms you would collect from different peoples and ages on this earth. Look for bunny feet, 4-leaf clovers, horse shoe and the like on every reel. Play mini-bonus rounds after every free spin.

Flying colors

This is a fun video slot with an aerial combat theme. Planes that were flown in WWI are in the reels of this 5-reel slot. It has one of the most dynamic bonus rounds every conceived. Fly these WWI planes in a 3-d sky and shoot down on enemy aircraft. Hefty amounts of coins are giving after each bonus round.