Play for Free or Real Money Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot

New from the manufacturer Microgaming in conjunction with Triple Edge Studios, which is already known to players on the slot “PlayBoy Gold”!

“Wicked Tales: Dark Red” is based on the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”, as well as partially based on the 2011 film “Red Riding Hood”!

Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot No Download, No Signup

The slot has 25 paylines and non-standard reels – the main ones, with a total size of 3 × 4 (12 cells) and an additional 2 × 3 (6 cells). The total number of cells is 18.

The drums are the same. in its turn. fickle! The main ones can randomly move and have three positions:

– from the very beginning: additional drums are located behind the main
– in the middle: one additional drum is in front of the main, and the second behind the main
– at the end: additional drums are in front of the main

Also, the slot has large symbols that can partially or fully occupy all the main reels (12 cells), and three types of bonus games!

Normal game mode

In regular game mode, Wild symbols may appear on each reel, which replace any symbols except bonus ones.

Big characters can only be of high cost. There are 4 of them:

– Little Red Riding Hood (top symbol)
– werewolf
– Wolf
– Pendant with photo

Bonus game “Wheel of the Wolf”

When 3 Scatter symbols appear on the reels, a bonus game starts.

It is worth noting that all bonus games in this slot start with this one.

The player is given a wheel, which in any case will be some kind of prize!

The wheel consists of the following sectors:

– bet multiplier up to 20x
– bonus game “Thicket of Wealth”
– free backs of Little Red Riding Hood
– free werewolf spins
– free wolf backs
– free backs “Pendant”

If a player gets a bet multiplier, then the wheel spins again! And so on, until another type of prize falls out

Bonus game “Thicket of Wealth”

If the symbol “Chest” has appeared on the wheel, the next bonus game called “Wealth Thicket” starts!

The player is given 15 bags to choose from and a multiplier from 1x to 10x.

Each selected prize is multiplied by a coefficient located at the top of the slot, and the multiplier, in turn, increases with each successful move!

If the player selects the symbol Wolf in the chest, then the bonus game ends, and the drawn symbol awards 1 bet.
However, there is insurance! Choosing the symbol Ax in the chest, you can not be afraid of one choice of the Wolf, as the ax kills him and the bonus game continues!
If you managed to get through all the dropped Wolves, the last one will be given a chest that awards 20x bets.
All selected prizes are cumulative.

Bonus game Free spins

If in the bonus game “Wheel of the Wolf” 1 out of 4 high-value symbols is dropped, then the bonus game “Free Spins” starts.

The type of bonus games depends on the symbol drawn:

1. Bonus game “Little Red Riding Hood”.
In this bonus game mode, Little Red Riding Hood characters are Wild characters, but replace only expensive characters.

2. Bonus game “Werewolf”
In this bonus game mode, the Werewolf symbols are Wild symbols, but only replace expensive symbols.

3. The bonus game “Wolf”
In this bonus game mode, Wolf symbols are Wild symbols, but replace only expensive symbols.

4. Bonus game “Pendant”
In this bonus game mode, Pendant symbols are Wild symbols, but replace only expensive symbols.

In free spins mode, expensive symbols can also occupy the entire main 3×4 drum

Paylines: 25

RTP Slots: 96.1%

Release Date: Sep 26, 2018

Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot