Play for Free or Real Money Zombies Slot

Play for Free or Real Money Zombies Slot

Free Online Slot Machine Review

Gamblers were able to see the Zombie online slot machine back in 2012. Although a lot of time has passed, online casinos are in no hurry to replace it with another game. This indicates a well-designed and interesting gameplay, which is in demand among visitors.

You can see what other players liked this machine for on our portal. Here you can play Zombies slot online for free, in demo mode, just for fun, or in order to look at its performance, to decide whether to invest money in it.

Features Of The Zombies Slot Machine No Sign Up And Download

The whole game is made according to the laws of the “horror” genre. Gloomy tones, scary sounds, roaming mutant zombies – all requirements are met. For the background, Net Ent artists chose a dark and gloomy room resembling a shopping and entertainment complex. From your place you will see several of its tiers, and two escalators that seem abandoned.

To make the player feel a constant threat, the artists picked up the characters that correspond to this task. On the coils, parts of the bodies constantly flash – brains and torn eyes, as well as tools for self-defense.

There is something to defend against monsters. At your service are bits with nails, an ax and a circular saw, and in order not to get infected, you will need a gas mask in any way. The bonus round with free spins also looks original. Here, after each free rotation, you find yourself in the lobby of the shopping center alone with the approaching zombies.

Although animation is not used here, and shooting at them is done automatically and without your participation, you will receive true pleasure from the “genocide” of the mutants. This part of the gameplay has always been liked by those who decided to play Zombies for free.

Game of Slot Machine

Bets in this game are accepted immediately on 20 paylines. The player can change the level of the bet and its face value, if his deposit requires it. Each chain of three or more identical symbols lying on such a line gives the right to payment.

Wild and Skatter special characters are also here. Moreover, Wild can occupy three cells at once, and can be small in size in one ordinary character. A large wild symbol appears only on the third reel.

If after stopping only part of it appears on the screen, the coil will be twisted so that it appears completely. Little Wild symbols on the third reel do not appear, but they can appear on any other. The five free spins that trigger the three Scatters proceed in a special way:

  • the first spin passes with a factor of 1x, and for all subsequent ones the multiplier increases, up to 10x;
  • after each free spin, a small additional game is launched with the shooting of zombies, but without the participation of the player;
  • for each mutant that is finally killed, a reward is put;
  • winnings on free spins and zombie dashes add up.

I want to play this game more and more. Plus, it’s easy to get a win here, which is appreciated by those who plan to play for money in Zombies.

Zombies Slot Machine Gameplay

Play for Free or Real Money Zombies Slot